Terms & Conditions

Very important – please read!

By ordering a website setup package through ‘divi50.com’, you understand the following terms & conditions that are binding with your purchase:

  • Websites Are Not Permanent
    In the event that Cassus Media LLC is dissolved, bankrupt, or its entity is closed by third party governmental organizations in the Commonwealth State of Pennsylvania, or if its DreamHost.com hosting services are disabled, paused, or cancelled, your website and/or product purchased at ‘divi50.com’ may be erased due to the aforementioned circumstances.
  • We Reserve The Right To Deny You Service
    If you become an unruly customer, or attack or attempt legal action against Cassus Media LLC for any reason, we reserve the 100% right to either deny you service before purchase OR after purchase. You will not be granted a refund. By purchasing a website from ‘divi50.com’, you understand that you agreed to these terms and conditions.
  • Website Speed and/or Reliability Is Not Guaranteed
    All websites hosted as a subdomain of ‘divi50.com’, as a product of your purchase on ‘divi50.com’, are hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with DreamHost® services. If you have any questions regarding the performance of your website, please research website optimization. Cassus Media LLC does not offer customer support for websites purchased through ‘divi50.com’, and all inquiries submitted to contact@cassusmedia.com will be answered at the discretion of its owner.
  • All Purchases Are Final
    Once your purchase through ‘divi50.com’ is completed, we will not directly refund you any monies paid to Cassus Media LLC via our Stripe Checkout service.
  • Payment Issues
    If there is an issue with your payment to Cassus Media LLC via ‘divi50.com’, you may contact us here: contact@cassusmedia.com